Interview with Nicholas Provenzo on Effective Activism

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Guest: Nicholas Provenzo
Center for the Advancement of Capitalism


Topics covered include …

The mission of the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism. What is the key to activism? The talk Nick Provenzo gave to a group of very intelligent, business-oriented high school students at a Washington, D.C. conference. What tools did Nick offer to these students?

Why are young audiences easier to engage? Activism on college campuses – two ways that Objectivism (the philosophy of Ayn Rand) can be introduced to students at university. Nick’s debate at George Mason University on whether the US should invade Iraq.

If we want to change the direction of a culture, what realm must we come to know and command? Nick’s lecture to the State Medical Society of Colorado on the subject of anti- trust in health care. Doctors and HMOs – the restrictions on doctors in their negotiations with HMOs. What surprised the doctors about Nick’s lecture? What made dealing with this audience difficult?

Why is it important to try to communicate with the members of the 3 branches of government about the necessity of protecting individual rights? How the Center utilizes Amicus curiae or “Friend of the Court” briefs. CAC’s brief on Affirmative Action to the Supreme Court of the United States. Why are these Supreme Court briefs effective?

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Listen, download, or podcast this interview